The man is smelling the alternative medicine he has prepared for the girl who is coughing.

Here Is All The Information You Need On Age Spots

Age spots are also known as liver spots, and though they are harmless, they are primarily caused by frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Their name ‘liver spots’ has nothing to do with the liver, as was incorrectly believed in the recent past. These spots may also be caused by aging, though as stated earlier, the areas of the skin that get the greatest exposure to the sun are the most affected.

The Rolling Stones And Aging

The Rolling Stones recently postponed their Australian tour when a friend of one of the group members decided to take her own life. This article uses the event to draw some interesting lessons for all of us participants in the aging process.

The Vertical Drop

Social cues and language can condition us to age before our time. Hearing old elders use expressions such as “I’m no spring chicken” can lead us to say the same things when we get older, and perpetuate a cycle of infirmity from one generation to the next.

Alkalize to Survive

Our bodies thrive off of the cells that build our tissues and organs. When these cells are given oxygen, they grow and multiply into more healthy cells. When oxygen is taken away, the being to multiply and form unhealthy cells, tumors, and even worse disease. We can do our part to prevent this by ensuring we create an alkaline environment for our bodies. Cells thrive and love this type of place- it’s paradise for them! All of our bodies have what is called a Ph balance ranging from 0-14. The ideal Ph of our bodies is 7.0 which we will discuss further. The easiest way to understand what an alkalized environment vs an acidic environment looks like is to imagine nice cool calm water that flows beautifully in a peaceful stream vs huge high waves that come crashing down tearing apart whatever is around in a tsunami. Which would you prefer to have going on in your body?

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