The Main Reason I became a Fruitarian

Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Cosmetic Problems

Laser therapy and skin restoration treatments are becoming popular by the day. There has been a steady rise in the number of people opting for such non invasive surgeries and treatments for enhanced aesthetics.

Your Lungs Are The Key To Your Heart Health!

Dr. Al Sears, MD explains the importance of lungpower in living longer. Your lungs and how well you breathe is the number one indicator of how long you will live. Increasing lungpower is especially effective in healing heart disease. Dr. Sears measures VO2 Max in his patients which is the measure of their lung power, and has designed the P.A.C.E. Fitness program to increase VO2. It is the only anti-aging fitness program ever developed.

Ellagic Acid – Is It the Fountain of Youth?

We are lured by the potential benefits of exotic Super Fruits and the almost mystical (if not magical) things they can supposedly do for us. In reality, their biggest charm is that they are from foreign lands and ancient forests, recently “discovered” as the latest “miracle food”.

Immortality: A Myth or Math

Healthy, Long life is everyone’s aspiration and right too. The author takes the readers on an intuitive walkthrough of the subtle space or field around us. This field could be harnessed to live long and healthy.

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