The Lemon Detox Cleanse and Diet

The Latest Advances for Skin Care

Long before, skin creams have been used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines only by plumping the skin temporarily. Nowadays, however, with advanced anti-aging serum formulas and multitasking moisturizers available, changing the skin has become as intensive as up to a cellular level.

How To Be Happy And Healthy: 7 Powerful Tips For Mid-Life Professionals

This article by a Chartered Psychologist provides 7 powerful tips on how to be happy and healthy as a mid-life professional. These tips can soon become daily habits, providing you with a host of valuable benefits.

Is The Way Women Approach Menopause Changing?

Menopause and its symptoms have of course not changed, the process is still the same but are attitudes towards the menopause changing? Traditionally this was a sign you were passed it, ready for the proverbial knacker’s yard even; but now with retirement age increasing and general longevity improving, women seem to be more and more comfortable this topic. Karen Giblin, founder of Red Hot Mamas says “”Women are becoming more accepting of the physical and emotional challenges that are associated with menopause and accepting them as natural, transitional changes,” Menopause symptoms to look out for…

Slowing The Aging Process And Enjoying A Longer Life!

Are you one of the many thousands that entered the competition to stop or defy the onset of aging and found there was no quick fix or easy solution? How is it going to slow down the natural way of aging? “Natural Way” is the key word in this type of procedure. The not so natural way would be to hop on to the Botox bandwagon to make us look younger. That means to have the wrinkles jabbed, suffering frozen faces and poisoned scares. There is this huge question remaining: Years later after all the jabbing, suffering and money spending: Do any of them look younger? At the beginning it was mainly the Hollywood Stars, and then it became that old syndrome where sheep follows sheep. The beauty industries were growing like mushrooms after a downpour of rain on a warm sunny spring day. Botox treatments have extended to a variety of laser and vitamin injections plus radiation with some unpleasant side effects. Vitamins are a good starting point; unfortunately, they are putting them in the wrong places.

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