The Japanese Secret to Longevity

Top Three Ways Eating Right Helps You Age Better

You have all seen the ads to eat your way slim or eat your way to a better body. However, what about eating right now not just for the benefits of having a better body in the moment. What about eating better now so that you can have and be a better you in your future.

How to Become Younger: 6 Tips to Be Healthy

Ah, to be young again! But, not just young, with the knowledge and experience that you currently have. That can be yours!

An Ounce of Prevention – Anti Aging

As we go throughout life, there are all kinds of tests we need to endure to ensure that we are growing up healthily. For example, there are immunizations and check-ups when we are younger. And after a certain age, there are tests we really should be aware of, to help prevent illnesses or spot illnesses early enough to be able to treat them.

How To End The Guilt, Stop The Excuses, and Find Time For Yourself, Baby Boomer

You want to exercise. You know you should exercise. You feel guilty about taking time to do it. You can’t find time to do it. There’s a never ending stream of little voices in your head. None of them are helpful. Beyond physical activity and nutrition, how can you take steps to care for yourself and get on the path for your healthiest 50 years? Simple steps are waiting here.

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