Do This 5 Minute Stretch Every Morning and See What Happens

Why You Must Look For Copper Peptides in Your Anti Wrinkle Cream

Being antioxidants, copper peptide creams also fight any damage by free radicals and give a smooth complexion. So, they can renew your skin just as they did in your youth, no matter what your skin type. Besides, they are scientifically proven to be excellent ingredients for anti wrinkle cream. In fact, in 1988 a study was conducted by the Laboratoire de Biochimie, France, which found that due to the healing properties of copper peptide, the natural signs of aging could be retarded or even reversed, and any skin damage could be treated.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 15

Articles by a philosopher, artist, inventor, poet. The subject is immortality. In this article the author considers the subject of adaptivity.

Health Tips For The Elderly

You will observe that a common characteristic of active older ones is their maintenance of a meaningful work schedule-either for secular work or as volunteer workers. They also exercise regularly and keep an active interest in people of all age groups. At present, the uncomfortable truth is that even as you read this article, you too are growing older.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 13

Continuing articles on the subject of longevity and immortality. The author takes a philosophical approach to an issue which relates integrally with health, that is, anti-aging.

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