Some claim that drinking coconut water gives you an instant blood transfusion.

Age – It’s Not Just a Number

Ageing is inevitable, if we live long enough. Changes do occur as we age, but we can make the process easier in many ways. Positive thinking, regular exercise, and proper diet can be very helpful in eliminating some health problems usually associated with ageing.

A Guide To Starting Your Anti-Aging Journey

Anti-aging goes beyond skincare products and treatments. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle if you want your skin to look fresh and young. There are simple habits that you should inculcate into your daily routine if you want to look good.

Look And Feel Good For Longer – How To Slow Aging

Aging is a natural process that everyone must go through. As we age our bodies adapt and change. However, how fast we lose our capabilities and looks of our earlier years is greatly affected by how effectively we exercise our body and mind and what we eat.

How Oldies Can Show Leadership

Design is everything. In fact, if we focussed on designing things well, most of the associated hassles would disappear. Oldies or the Boomer Generation are major buyers of many products but their condition and situation seem to be disregarded by manufacturers. This article proposes how oldies can resolve this problem by taking the lead.

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