Sick Care Can Kill You

How to Become Wise, Quickly

Wisdom, we’re told, begins with an awareness of our ignorance. Knowing that we don’t know (epistemological humility) is supposed to be what study provides, but that, like ignorance, is a choice. This article proposes a quick way to achieve wisdom.

A New Free Way To Increase Your Longevity

What’s your worst enemy as you age? Most of the research tells us that inflammation can be the underlying cause of 80 chronic diseases which frequently occur in middle and late years, increasing the aging process. What is the easiest most effective way that we can eliminate inflammation? According to the latest research, EARTHING or GROUNDING is the answer.

How Do I Age Gracefully?

Baby boomers who exercise on a regular basis enjoy better health, enjoy life more and are much more able to fight life-threatening diseases more effectively than those who don’t exercise at all. We experience new health problems as we age but you will feel much better and your life will become more enjoyable if you partake in some regular moderate exercise. In other words – you will begin to recreate yourself!

Stay Ahead of the Game by Choosing the Right Wrinkle Creams

There is no such thing as a fountain of youth, but there are things you can do to reverse the way aging has affected your appearance. You can start with a good anti-wrinkle cream.

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