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Why Bee Pollen Is Considered a Revolutionary Anti-Ageing Measure

Bee pollen is considered one of the most nutrient whole foods available on this planet. It contains over a dozen vitamins, 11 enzymes and coenzymes, 28 minerals and 14 essential fatty acids all of which are important for the human body. It is also described as a low-calorie food with a tablespoon of bee pollen consisting of just 45 calories.

Reasons Why the Anti-Ageing Properties of Bee Pollen Are Not Patented

Despite having information about the enormous potential which bee pollen products contain manufacturers have not been able to get a patent for the same. They seem to have beaten aback by the extreme regulatory practices of the government which make it extremely expensive for them to get a patent for the product. No clinical studies have still been conducted by manufacturers of bee pollen supplements to provide a single reason about how this product can prove to be an extremely potent anti-ageing measure.

What’ll We Do With The Oldies?

Everyone is a participant in the ageing process. It’s inevitable, therefore, that sooner or later decisions have to be made that affect you and those closest to you.

Anti-Aging Research – 7 Findings That Slow Aging

It is generally accepted that two of the most potent activities that contribute significantly to aging are:(1) smoking and (2) remaining for long times in the sun. For you to accept the belief and faith that rapid advancement of aging can be curtailed and possibly turned back, you must also accept these seven tried and tested findings.

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