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Why Seniors Should Improve Their Balance and Coordination

With the passing of the years our bodies lose their ability of controlling certain functions that impacts our balance and coordination. Although in the early stages of balance and coordination problems seniors don’t observe many side effects, when the condition gets worse they start to experience all kind of problems that affect their body capacity of movement. Balance problems that occur in seniors When a person suffers from a loss of balance he can experience the following things: – Dizziness – Unsteadiness – Environment spinning/moving – Disorientation – Blurred vision – Floating sensation – Seniors suffering…

Why Seniors Shouldn’t Intentionally Make Life Easier

I have often heard the saying “the only constant in life is change,” this saying pretty much applies to everything in life; some examples of such are how we look for information on the internet as opposed to encyclopedias, our political leaders change with every election and the notion of staying at the same job for your entire career is generally looked at as outdated. More specifically how does the idea of constant change apply to us; well we get older every year, our friends from childhood are probably not always your friends in adulthood and more than likely you…

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Botox Treatment

While Botox treatment is now becoming very popular with several medical professionals offering it, it is something that you must learn about properly. With so many people offering the services in many different ways, it is important for you to do your research before you decide to undergo the procedure, especially in a busy city. Following are some things you should know.

How Seniors Can Safely Walk on Snow and Ice

British explorer David Hempleman-Adams has spent a lot of time conquering treacherous terrain: he was the first person to reach the North and South Poles as well as the first to climb the highest peaks in all seven continents. Since David has spent countless hours navigating the snow and ice he says when walking we should follow the example of an animal that is also use to this terrain. ‘Take your lead from the penguin.

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