Longevity is More Than Just Genetics…A Lot More!

The Healing Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has been proven, even with science, to help heal the body. The healing benefits of turmeric are seemingly never ending. Let’s check out 5 ways turmeric heals your body.

How To Stop Getting Old

There’s a wide variety of information available that tells how to slow down the ageing process, but there is no known way to eliminate growing old. I have provided my list of things you can do starting now to stop getting old. Chances are that, if you’ve lived long enough, you can add to this list.

How to Prevent Weight Gain With Aging?

Aging is a continuous, complex, and dynamic process that begins with birth and ends with death. All of us experience the effects of aging process. Today’s aging population has developed a dynamic change of attitude towards the concept of growing old. They are helping to change society’s traditional views on aging.

How to Maintain A Positive Body Image As You Age

It is important to have a positive body image. For many of us this becomes more difficult as we age.

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