Longevity Hacks From The Old Fruitarian

Exercise and Ageing

You hear a lot these days about the ‘ageing’ effect of exercise. However, let me dispossess you of the idea that exercise, in all it’s forms, is the culprit. It isn’t.

How Old Is Old?

The message seems to be that you’re ‘old’ if someone says you are. While you might feel fit enough to take on any challenge, if someone else labels you as ‘old’, then you are. This article arrives at this conclusion after exploring various options. What think you?

How to Age Gracefully? Try 5 Tips to Delay Wrinkles

All the women without exception fear wrinkles and folded skin. In order to grow gracefully,they should take a complete care of their skin.

How To Avoid Being Disappointed

One of the most common causes of feeling disappointed is our expectations. It’s difficult not to have expectations, but these very things can contribute to the many issues facing us. This article suggests how feelings of disappointment can be avoided.

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