Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

You Are Aging and Probably Wish to Continue to Do So – Read This for Important Wellness Advice

Emma Morano has just been declared the oldest person on Earth. The good woman of Pallanza, Italy is a spry 117. She is also the only person who existed in the 19th century living today. Her secret, besides good genes? Three eggs-two raw-each day for more than 90 years-along with a few vegetables, very little fruit.

Top Things You Can Do When You’re Younger to Feel Better When You’re Older

Do you ever wish you were young again? If you’re very young right now, then you may think that anti-aging articles and tips don’t apply to you. Those are for older people right? Wrong! In reality, those articles apply to you more than anyone else! After all, it’s too late to prevent aging once you are already feeling and looking a lot older!

Botox For Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment

Unfortunately, lots of people have wrinkles on their face even when they are quite young. Early wrinkles are sometimes a result of environmental factors, sun exposure, stress and other reasons. Wrinkles are mostly associated with older people but they can appear at any age and it’s not unusual for those in their late twenties or early thirties to seek wrinkle treatments.

The Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Power of Peptides

Amino acids are very important as far as skin protein is concerned, in fact, according to modern day medical science it is considered as basic building block for protein present under our skin. The peptides present in the skin helps the skin in creating collagen which is fresh and new, the peptides have the ability to penetrate through your skin as they are very small.

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