Let’s Mandate Freedom from the Health Dictator

Oxygen Free Radicals Contribute to Aging and Disease

Superoxide or oxygen free radicals are the most potent of all free radicals and occur naturally when our cells utilize oxygen. Our bodies produce superoxide dismutase to neutralize these powerful free radicals. When we experience imbalance due to external and internal stress, smoking, poor diet, medication, and aging our bodies are less efficient at managing free radical activity. Eating a variety of high antioxidant foods and some supplementation can help boost your body’s defenses.

Wisdom in Living in the Golden Years

For many seniors, getting old sucks, and getting older sucks even more. However, the wisdom in living in the golden years begins with self-belief: believing that you can still make waves in your golden years. With self-belief, you begin to set life goals to make your life meaningful and purposeful. Next, follow the ancient wisdom of Lao Tzu to let go the ego in order to prepare yourself to let go of other materials things. Without letting go, it is almost impossible to have simplicity living, which focuses more on others rather than on yourself. Focusing on others cherishes and develops you compassion and loving-kindness. The wisdom in living in the golden years is to live in the present, which is the only reality.

Why A Non-Surgical Cheek Lift Might Be Considered For A Younger Looking Face

With a non-surgical cheek lift, fillers are used to restore lost volume and to improve the contours of the face. Patients do not have to commit to surgery or permanent implants which may not suit their appearance as they age.

Mandela And Forgiveness

For most of us, forgiving someone is much easier said than done. Not so for the late and great Nelson Mandela. Not only did he forgive those for the many years he spent in jail but also continued to provide an example for everyone to follow. This article focuses on the example provided by Mandela and others.

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