Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Age: Tips and Tricks

Strength training isn’t just for 20-somethings getting ready for the beach.
Keeping your muscles strong and healthy is important for older adults, too it supports your independence by keeping you functional and active.
It also helps prevent many of the changes seen with aging such as a loss of bone density and muscle mass known as sarcopenia.
Even if you already have sarcopenia strength training can help reverse it.
According to To the National Institute on Aging, some of these losses but not all strengths.
Exercises are appropriate for older adults with limited mobility or other health problems, such as arthritis or obesity to stay safe and get the most out of their workout.
Start with simple, moves recommended by the National Institute on Aging.
As we age our muscle mass declines says, Beth Taylor.
MD associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, but if you do strength training exercises, you can still gain muscle and keep your strength even as you get older.
It’s never too late to start and get the benefits associated with a stronger body, strong muscles help.
Keep your body moving.
They support your joints and help prevent Falls stronger muscles mean, you can do everyday activities easily like lifting boxes or groceries or climbing stairs, which helps maintain your Independence as you age strength training.
Also helps improve bone density and balance.
Both things can suffer from age and it may even improve heart health.
In one study men who did a year of strength training exercises.
Exercises had lower blood pressure and less plaque in their arteries than men who didn’t do any weight training.

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