J W Talks Longevity

Stay Young By Eating The Right Foods

Want to stay young naturally? This doctor explains how to use food to tap into your body’s own power to renew itself.

Anti-Aging Through Supplements – Real Science or Science Fiction?

What is responsible for creating and perpetuating the aging process within our bodies. Is there evidence to suggest that we can slow down and mitigate this natural process? Can we really achieve the Fountain of Youth through supplements and neutraceuticals? Will the next generation experience exponential gains in mortality or just live slightly longer. The answer may just lie here.

Who Decides How Long You Live?

Two weeks ago the F.D.A. began closing another door to living a long life in the United States. Fortunately other countries are actively engaging in opening doors to create longevity through transformational biotechnology. This article explores possibilities for those of us who DON’T WANT TO END OUR LIVES AT 75 YEARS as the Architect of Obamacare chooses to do in his recent article in The Atlantic magazine.

Stay Young And Healthy for Longer

The human body requires care to keep it looking young and healthy. Those who do not take good care of their bodies will find that they age faster. Such people will usually look much older than other people of the same age which can be really bad. Taking care of the body does not only lead to a younger looking you, but also increases your life span. This is true because when every organ is functioning as it should when you are fit, you won’t have to put up with varied lifestyle diseases many suffer from. These are the diseases that suck value from life shortening it.

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