If You Don’t take Care of Your Body…

Smoothen Away Those Crows Feet From Your Face

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles make an appearance and change the way we look and feel. These are intrinsic changes and you cannot really do much to change the way your skin behaves. However, there are a lot of external factors too that affect your skin. Both, men as well as women can develop fine lines around the eyes. Over a period of time, these lines just get deeper and more prominent. These are called crows feet.

I Bet You’re Dying To Read This

Death is inevitable, yet it’s something we avoid thinking about or discussing… until this article came along. This article considers the social side of getting things in order as part of your exit preparations. Read on. You’ll be glad you did.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 9

This article concerns sixty-four categories of God. Presumably a kind of ontology of God may be required for human understanding of immortality, even if absolute godhood does not depend on the ontology.

Prevention Is Better Than Repair

When we get older we consider that this is the time to resort to anti-aging treatment and products. Perhaps it would be preferable to start this process at the age of 20+ to get full advantage of these age reversal supplements.

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