The Use and Study of Herbal Medicine

The Aging Process: Let’s Slow It Down

There are various things you can do to slow the aging process down, and in some cases, even reverse it. As much as the body changes, your diet, activity level, and intellectual pursuits can have a substantial effect on how “old” you get.

How To Enjoy The Second Half Of Your Life

Carl Jung first popularized the phrase, ‘the two halves of life’ and Richard Rohr took the idea much further in Falling Upwards. While you’d expect that getting older is linked to the second half, not everybody makes it through to life’s second half, and that’s OK. There are many change as part of the transition from first to second and this article proposes some of those.

Does Botox Hurt? How Does It Work?

In the past two decades botox has become one of the leading non-invasive cosmetic options for smoothing wrinkles, and reducing the signs of age. Many people (especially women in the 40-65 age group), are happy to pay the cost to erase deep creases and wrinkles, but they are concerned about possible pain during treatment. So one of the most common questions asked by botox cosmetic newbies is – Does botox hurt?

8 Amazing Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter does an excellent job of moisturizing and conditioning the skin and keeping the skin healthy. Also find out the 8 of the great benefits in using coca butter.

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