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Refresh & Rejuvenate Your Face With Botox Injections

Those people with great genetics tend to age really well, not seeing as many changes that come with growing older. Other people aren’t so lucky. When looking in the mirror we might notice the changes in the texture and tone of our skin, and the fine lines and wrinkles beginning to show on our face.

Ways To Look After Your Skin To Help Stop Ageing

Lots of us worry about the effects of growing old, whether it’s an expanding waistline, wrinkles on the face, a double chin or man boobs. There are many ways that we can slow down the rate at which we age, things like; healthy eating and exercise, choosing the correct skin care products, staying out of the sun and reducing stress.

The Benefits Of Berberine

As far as natural supplements are concerned, berberine is a popular compound. It’s found in a lot of plants like Goldenseal, Phellodendron, tree turmeric, Oregon grape and barberry. This bright yellow compound is used as a dye. Besides, it’s used in conventional Chinese medicine and in Ayurveda in order to treat microbial infections, gastrointestinal conditions, and oriental sores, just to name a few. Let’s take a look at some benefits of berberine.

Polyphenols: Their Role and Benefits

Antioxidants and polyphenols are the two popular terms in the world of health and wellness. According to experts, polyphenols can help fight aging process. Let’s find out how they can help you slow down your aging process. Read on to know more.

What Is NAD And How Does It Relate To Aging?

Aging is a process that all living beings go through. People spend billions on products that may help them fight their aging process. And most of these products claim that they can help reverse the symptoms of aging. In this article, we are going to discuss NAD and its precursor, which is known as NMN. We will also find out how they have an impact on your longevity. Without further ado, let’s get to the point.

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