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6 Ways to Stop Those Pesky 11’s Between the Brows

Wrinkling between eyebrows are the aftereffects of prolonged expression of emotions like anger, joy, sorrow, etc. Their onset can be prevented to some extent by regular moisturizing and emotion control but there’s much more you can do to not only prevent those “11’s” from forming, but there’s a way you can get rid of them if you already have them.

How to Reverse Grey Hair

An authors journey on how she reversed her own grey hair. She takes you through her triumphs and struggles along the way.

Natural Ways to Remove Age Spots – Holistic Age Spot Cures

There are a number of holistic ways to reverse age spots naturally without buying expensive beauty products or going under the knife of surgery. Some of the most recommended ways to diminish age spots are to maintain antioxidant-rich diet, to look after your liver, to wear natural sunscreen and to spend less time under the sun.

Prevent Anti-Aging With Being Positive

Many people struggle with stress and fight it daily. There are lots of things that can come up which can cause stress. You might be having issues at work or maybe things are not going great at home. Stress and thinking negative is not only bad for your overall health but also for your skin. It can greatly impact the way that you look and create wrinkles.

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