Fruit Baskets Make The Perfect Gift

Good Health Habits Lead To Great Stress Management

The main challenge in creating great stress management habits is that they rarely becomes a priority until we have a major problem. By this stage, we’re probably dealing with cure rather than prevention. Unfortunately, cure tends to be much more expensive and far less reliable as a long term stress management strategy and that’s as long as the damage is reversible. This article is intended to give you the motivation and information to set up some simple but powerful stress management habits and live with vitality.

Top 7 Anti-Ageing Treatments for the Skin

No individual wants to look old. This is why most individuals buy over-the-counter beauty products, fillers, and creams. Some may even opt for cosmetic surgery. However, what is the efficacy of anti-ageing treatments for the skin?

65 And On A Budget? Free Fun At The Gym

Free healthy fun is waiting for you at the gym. Some healthcare plans for seniors provide free gym memberships. Make 55-or even 45- the new 65. If you’re someone who continues to maintain a consistent moderate fitness plan-one that includes eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods- then you know what I mean. You can improve your body through strength training regardless of what age you start. Make it social. Bring your friends.

Enhanced Bone Health

Consumption of refined sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup, now added to virtually every packaged food and beverage, promotes acidic body chemistry and calcium excretion in the urine. Whenever the body becomes excessively acidic, it makes a withdrawal of calcium from the bones, which the body uses to maintain acid alkaline balance. Under these circumstances, hydrogen bumps sodium and potassium off the bone surface to buffer the system’s acidity as well, suppressing the capacity for additional bone formation.

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