Fixing Your Fatigue & Persistent Low Energy w/ Evan Hirsch, MD


Amazing Powers Of Vibrations And Music!

Amazing powers of healing vibrations that gives relief for some alzeimer’s patients and relief from body pains in fibromyalgia conditions. Stress relieving and boosting a sense of well being manifests in people when they hear their favorite music by musicians, soloists or movie music, classical or folk music. The music reduces the depressive moods considerably and jettison them to normal living.

Ageing Gracefully With NAD

One of the most abundant chemicals in the human body, NAD is required for approximately 500 different enzymatic reactions, and is involved in regulating almost all major biological processes. Finding ways to optimise its production in the body may allow us to lead healthier and longer lives.

Tips to Slow Down Aging

The aging is a process of becoming older, which is genetically determined and environmentally modulated. It is a natural process. Everyone must undergo the process at his or her own time and pace. It denotes time-bound deterioration of physiological functions necessary for survival and fertility.

Coronavirus – Ancient Method of Health, Happiness, Youth and Faith

Keeping our minds fresh, healthy, open and focused helps enormously in coping maturely with coronavirus. We can be overcome with all sorts of religious beliefs systems that really don’t serve us practically. We can empower ourselves by raising the standard of our own consciousness.This article reveals just how we may achieve this level effortlessly.

Stress Does a Body Bad

Stress itself is not necessarily unhealthy, after all, without our ancestors reacting to threats via their “fight or flight” instinct, we wouldn’t even be here. It’s chronic stress that is the real foe.

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