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Reversing Gray Hair? Yup, It’s Possible! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we explored the nutrients needed for our body to return hair’s natural color and texture. But these days are extremely stressful for us and as we know too much stress affects negatively our whole wellbeing. Hair does not make an exception.

Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Metabolism

Especially as we get older our metabolic rate decreases, and this is an important reason why many of us experience weight gain later in life. We are even seeing this with young people who sit in front of the computer or the television too much. Even at their age metabolism drops and it is harder to keep the weight off. And just what is metabolism? Basically it is the rate that the body naturally burns the calories that it takes in.

Diabetes and Its Effect on Aging

The physical toll that diabetes takes on the body is truly frightening. Since about one person in four in the United States has either diabetes or a pre-diabetic condition this should cause everyone to take note of this truly terrible ailment. Even worse is that diabetes among people under 20 is skyrocketing. But in this article we are going to discuss another terrible effect that diabetes has, especially as we age, and that is the toll on our brain that diabetes has.

How To Make A Difference in 2015

People resolve to do any things, especially as New Year’s Resolutions. The success rate, however, does not always match the number of resolutions made. Here is a suggestion about how you can make a difference,, now and in the future.

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