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On Getting Old

We would like to stay young forever, but there is the inevitability of old age. We are scared to look old. We try to look young, but in spite of all technological advances – skin tightening, and dyeing the hair – and beauty parlors, old age creeps in. Even our attitude is flexible till our youth, and rigidity creeps in as we age. We are no longer in the main stream of social activity. We tend to live secluded life within our homes. We must live life proactively with enthusiasm, and be self-reliant: socially, financially, and emotionally.

How Oldies Can Save The Day

The current group, call it what you like, has been associated with some of the biggest changes in society. Why, then, can’t this group be relied upon to come up with ideas for an ageing society? This article says that, given the opportunity, the ‘oldies’, ‘baby boomers’, or whatever the label has plenty to offer.

Free Radicals Damage In Our Body And How To Stop Them

There are molecules that are produced in our body always as a result of our daily activities. These molecules are called free radicals. They are responsible for causing aging signs in our skin(face), cancer and chains of diseases. To fight free radicals in your body, you need to take in foods rich in vitamin c and antioxidants.

Amazing Tips to Take Care for Aging Skin

Any anti-aging product made for women above 60 can easily be used by women with an age more than 40. Using the anti-aging creams at the age of 40 is not too early. However, our skin depends on many factors including skin type and an amount of sun exposure.

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