A strong core can stabilize your spine and keep your lower back pain-free.

Could Boiled Greek Coffee Be the Key to Longevity?

As reported in the Times of India and due to appear on hit celebrity health shows across the U.S in the weeks of May 2013, it’s clear that this type of coffee and the way it’s processed may very well hold the key as to why the indigenous Greek people on the island of Ikaria live well into their 90’s and beyond in non too rare cases. A study released by Vascular medicine society only recently this year revealed that by consuming just one small cup of boiled green coffee a day certainly looks to…

Why Choose Organic Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

When you’re selecting an anti wrinkle cream from the store shelves, you pretty much have your pick of any brand available. So why would you spend the extra time tracking down anti wrinkle face creams that are natural and organic?

Could Boiled Greek Coffee Be the Super-Powered Drink to Protect the Heart?

Boiled Greek coffee is the latest so called revolutionary longevity discovery ever since reveratrol was discovered during the French Paradox that is about to take the media spotlight by storm. Findings from a study published very recently by Vascular Medicine show that the island of Ikaria scattered off mainland Greece, clearly show that its inhabitants hold some of the best longevity records globally, where many live well into their 90’s and beyond. Could Greek coffee be the super-powered drink to protect your heart?

Reasons to Visit A Medical Day Spa

There are many reasons to visit a medical day spa and not just a regular spa. If you have skin problems or maybe need a Botox or any other type of treatment where a medical professional is needed.

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