A Beginner’s Guide to Running.

Getting Old – Is It Really Necessary?

We all get old. But is it really necessary? Weird question I know, however we are now living in an age where more and more Scientists agree on this one simple theory – Ageing is a disease, not a right of passage. And yesterday I asked myself this question.

Saying No And Ageing

How to say ‘No’ is recognised as a major contributor of stress. It’s strange that such a little word can be identified as the cause of many problems. And the problem does not disappear as we age. This article explores the subject and proposes what can be done about it.

The Future Of Anti Aging, Will We Live To 150?

The Fountain of Youth, The Elixir for Life, The Philosophers Stone. Yes, we’ve heard them all, and yes we’ve pretty much all agreed that these exist in the realms of pure fantasy. But maybe not. Today we call it Anti Aging, there are millions of disciples, and Molecular Biology is leading us into this fascinating new world… beyond fantasy.

The Best Skin Antioxidants

Antioxidants are powerful molecules that help prevent cell self-destruction and aging. We have listed down the best antioxidants food sources which works best when directly applied to the skin.

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