4 Fruits High in Vitamin C

We Do Have A Genetic Time Clock!

Anti-aging is one of the fastest growing sectors in health care. The bottom line is people want to postpone that inevitable end date to their lives and live as well as they can until then. The question then becomes, “Is there a genetic time clock?” Are we pre-set to live a certain amount of time or can we alter this? We all know how we can shorten out lifespans, we have become quite good at that, but extend it? To be able to measure the time we have life? To add quantitative years to our life as well as qualitative life to our years? New epigenetic research would have us believe, YES, it is all possible, the only question is how? Take a good look at what we have here and learn for yourself!

6 Foods to Beautify Yourself Naturally From the Inside-Out!

Back away from your cornucopia of beauty products! The real secret to beauty lies within nature, not within a bottle. These 6 naturally beautifying foods are proven to make your hair, skin and nails intrinsically healthy and glowing.

How To Look Younger And Live Longer The Chinese Way

In the Chongqing region of southwest China, there is an art many centuries old which results in its adherents looking 20-30 years younger than their chronological age. This art of rejuvenation and anti-aging is virtually unknown outside this region of China. Surprisingly, looking younger is not the goal of the art, merely a by-product.

Simple And Effective Methods To Remove Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

As you grow older, you would begin to notice that wrinkles and puffy bags would begin to appear around your eyes. Discover how you can reduce these signs of aging…

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