Fruit is Human Food and Every Other Food has Consequences

The Super Nutrient That Fights Aging and Disease

It’s name is Pycnogenol, a trade name for proanthocyanadin, which is a special family of bioflavonoids. This powerful antioxidant neutralises unstable or radical oxygen molecules that attack the body’s cells. In my case I have been taking it for some 20 years and can attest to all that is claimed of it.

Is Natural Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Really Beneficial for Skin?

Aging is a natural phenomenon which everyone experiences. From the moment you come into the world out of your mother’s womb, your time starts ticking; from seconds to minutes to hours to days to years. Aging is an inevitable process that happens due to decrease in some hormones and biological processes or no occurrence thereby causing the skin to look less attractive.

How Long Would You Want To Live?

How to live longer seems to be the quest of many studies, get-togethers, and other pursuits. It seems that we each have choices to make regarding how long we would like to live. This article could help your decision.

Best Anti-Aging Practices and Health Advice

At my age these things probably won’t make much of a difference but they are going to better my appearance, make me feel good about myself, and, hopefully, hold back on the wear and tear to my skin. At any age one can only give such things a shot and, as my regime has always been one of care and prevention, it is hard to see how any such measures can be ignored. If they work great, if not what has been lost – nothing.

Sex – Are Oldies Past It?

There’s a common misconception that once people get older that their sex life changes dramatically. This myth is exposed in this article and suggestions are made that could help oldies to get it on more often.

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